Your player is a laggy piece of un-usable crap. Got Refund.

Discussion in 'StreamLive Help' started by mrwoody, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. mrwoody

    mrwoody Member

    Why are you forcing us to use this horrible piece of crap player? What we had worked great. This totally sucks.

    I tried it and it is not usable.I got a refund and will have to take the next 3 months I've already paid for here as a loss I really can't afford. You should pay US to use it. Soooo....consume feces and perish.
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  2. consume feces, lol.

    Browser streaming works fine with me, so I don't have any issues.
    I would only love if I could stream from my iPhone/iPad when I'm away.
    I do go out a lot, and it'd be nice to access it as well.
  3. mrwoody

    mrwoody Member

    Until a couple of days ago, I was using browsers (native android and Chrome) and the free Android App. Now, NOTHING works.
  4. Streamlive Support

    Streamlive Support Administrator Staff Member

    There is free app for Android why don't you use it?
  5. mrwoody

    mrwoody Member

    I have been using it for a year ...and browser ....but it stopped working two days ago...when we got the message to buy the player.
  6. mrwoody

    mrwoody Member

    Anyway...the Android Native App is working again and Chrome on Android also works again. No luck with the default android browser (preferred).
  7. Can I stream using the iPhone?
    What is the way to stream from iPhone LTE?
  8. steampower

    steampower New Member

    Jailbreak phone, install kodi and use kodi addon, or use playon media server.
  9. robert492

    robert492 New Member

    if you are talking about watching streamlive on your iphone, just install the free Puffin app. and watch it through that.
  10. Streamlive Support

    Streamlive Support Administrator Staff Member

    Yes it works with iphone browser now, just audio/video out of sync. I am checking to fix this out of sync
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  11. There doesn't seem to be a Jb for my iPhone.

    This is the problem I seem to have (see screenshot attached) when I'm not on WiFi, the Play button is cancelled out and can't stream.
    It works fine when I'm on WiFi, but I'd love to see today's games and I wont be at home for most of it.

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